After a long hiatus,
we are coming back from the forest undergrowth.
There will be significant news in the coming future,
new material will be published along with new merch.

some of you may have noticed that a new Italian label,
called Wine and Fog Productions, is distributing copies
of the old 2008 Strix EP in a new handnumbered
format limited to 40 units.
We would like to clarify that Wine and Fog is simply
distributing 40 of the original 666 copies of the old Strix EP,
and therefore that item is NOT a repress
but rather a re-distribution of some of the original copies in
a limited silk-screened bag containing also two A5 posters.

Being just a re-distribution and not a repress,
considering that the EP is still fairly available from us,
we are not carrying copies of those bags.
Orders and requests should be addressed to
Wine and Fog Productions